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There are some days which is better you stay at home. You've probably heard this phrase before, right? But certainly the Japanese Pro-wrestler Yoji Anjoh didn’t take it seriously!!!! The all story started on this way: Takada has started to make public challenges to Rickson, but he has said that he wouldn’t fight Takada or any Pro-wrestlers, because they make worked fights (Pro-wrestling) and etc...But the japanese press hyped too much this challenge,and Takada in any oportunitiy talked some bad words about Rickson,who has started to get pissed with Takada’s comemments. But looking for his interets, always stated that if a promote have paid for this fight, he would fight,but this wasn’t his intentions because he didn’t have ant interest to fight a Pro-wrestler. So, in a nice day,the japaneses went to Rickson Academy in LA,followed by all the japanese press.At this hay, Rickson wasn’t in the Academy, Limão (Luis Herédia, a Rickson’s black belt) was there giving some classes. Actually who challenged Rickson was a japanese promoter,.Altough for his idol status in Japan, Takada wasn’t there, because there were rumours that Yoji Anjoh was a better fighter than him. So he was called for this challenge against Rickson.under this situation, Limao phoned to Rickson house (as was told before Rickson wasn’t in the academy So, imediatelly Rickson went for the academy with all the equiment to film this bout.As he arrived at the academy, Rickson firstly said that he didn’t want to fight, because he only wanted to fight on a big event with good payment (Rickson even told how much he wanted to fight). So Anjoh,who didn’t say a single until this moment,entered on the discussion and said that Rickson has already said that he would fight only for his honor, and waited for Rickson’s reaction.Rickson didn’t allowed Anjoh complte his speech and imediattely accepted the fight.But before the bout, he didn’t allowed the press to see the fight, and the japanese promoter and Gracie filmaker were the only witness who could enter to see the closed fight. Everything was ready, but there isn’t to much to talk about the fight.Rickson tooked Anjoh down, got the mount, and started to beat the shit out of Anjoh during fight minutes. After this, Rickson put Anjoh against the wall, and started to beat Anjo’s head on the wall, then started again to beat the shit out of Anjoh, who was at this moment with his totally deformed (black eye, broken teeth, so na almost unconscious Anjoh gave his back to Rick, and was coked out, and literely put to sleep. So Rickson allowed the prsse acess to film Anjo, totally demolished wake up. Some days latter, Yoji Anjo returned to Rickson’s Academy to give him a gift and apologize his challenge.

Special thank's to Bro Hymn

Marco Ruas - The King of Hotel !!!!

During the UFC 20 pos-party, Marco Ruas and Marcos’’Jara’’Albuquerque, who is (or was) the UFC Portugueses interpreter, had a serious discussion. According some people who were on the party, while Ruas was quite at his palce, Albuquerque started to make some bad comments about Ruas skills and capacity as a fighter. As the comments didn’t stop, Ruas lost his mind, and went over his critic throwing a 20 punches sequecy in less than 10 seconds on Jara’s face. It was when Pedro Rizzo, a fan, and some and others guys had to appart the fight, and imediatelly asked Jara to leave the part.Meanhile this confusion, Ruas who was totally pissed with Jara, took a table with a hand na thow it against Jara. Not satisfied, Ruas throwed two bottles against Jara, one missed the target but the other one hit on Albuquerque’s back. Finnally the presents were able to keept a distance between Ruas and Albuquerque.So the confusion was over!!!!!!

Special thank's to Bro Hymn

Ryan Gracie x Tico (closed challenge)

This is true history about the rivalry between Ryan and Wallid: During a championship at Colégio Viega de Almeida (Barra-RJ) which was organized by the recent created Associação de Jiu-Jitsu da Barra da Tijuca.There was a discussion between Ryan and Tico.Both were in th attendance and went out out to fight outside the Gymnasium, but Carlos Gracie Jr. Went there and didn’t allow the fight, arguing. That it was the first Jiu-jitsu Championship at that place and this kind of inccident could maculate the Jiu-jitsu image. So they schedulled the fight for the next day.At the day after, Ryan at 8:30 am was at Academia Espaço Vital (Where Gracie-Barra resides). Then Wallid arrived followed by Amaury (Bitetti) and Parrumpinha. Carlos Gracie Jr. didn’t allow the fight inside the academy,arguing that iy wasn’t the appropriate place to held a fight. So Soca (Alexandre Carneiro) said that his house was empty and the fight could happen there. So everybody went to Soca’s house. In a common sense, it was estipulated that only Renzo and Wallid could give instructions for the fighters, Ryan and Tico respectivily. The fight went for 40 minutes and started on the garden and ending inside of the house where Ryan Fall over a plants vase and broke his ribs. This is the fight sumary: Both were inactive for a long time, but when Ryan went for the take down, he was able put the fight on the ground,and get the mounting position where he throws some punches but gassed and Tico(who was bigger and stronger)as able to espace.In one of these exchange of positions,Tico tried to Broke a Ryan’s finger.Ryan imdediatelly protested but Wallid(who was givng instruction for Tico) said that this wasn’t a friendly match but ‘’porrada’.Then someone screamed:’’ Bit his face Ryan’’.Ryan didn’t think twice and bitted Tito’s ear tooking a piece of it off (after that Renzo caught a piece of Tico’s ear and put it on the freezer).When Ryan broked his rib,the stoppage was a good thing for both fights. Just a last detail:In the beggining of the fight, Renzo was pissed off due the inactivity of both fights. And Renzo getting nervous with the lack of action screamed: ‘’Bóra Raia,dá uma escarrada na cara desse corno’’ (Let’s go Ryan, spit in the face of Tico!!!). Then Ryan threw 4 or 5 spits on Tico’s face.

Special thank's to Bro Hymn

Rickson losing in Sambo match

Rickson has lost a sambo match to Ron Tripp. He was thrown in under a minute by Uchi Mata for a total victory after attempting a ko soto gake style reap in the 1993 USA Sambo Nationals in Norman, Oklahoma.
Ron was fighting in the under 200 lbs division and was close to Rickson's weight. Ron Tripp has won the World Heavyweight Sambo Championship and also won a gold at the Pan American Games in Freestyle Wrestling (and is additionally a multiple time world medalist in sambo too). He (Mr. Tripp) was apparently not pleased when I said he was a sambo player on a BJJ forum, so he informed me that he is primarily a judo player "under U.S. great olympian and 96 olympic judo coach Pat Burris" and that he trained as a "freestyle wrestler before starting judo in 1982." Rickson has claimed in the past that the rules weren't explained to him, despite winning a gold medal at the Pan American
Sambo Championships in his weight class at age 19. He claims the rules to Sambo can vary with the tournament, and that if he had known falling on his back was a loss it wouldn't have happened. I find that a little suspect. No major sambo tournament refuses give big points [or an outright win] for a powerful hip throw that lands the opponent flat on their back. Further, there is almost always a rules review session for competitors before a competition of this size.
It was a sambo event, in EVERY sambo event there is "total victory", an auto win if you throw a person wo thye land with their head at your feet while you remain standing. Ron Tripp threw Rickson with Uchimata in under a minute and Rickson landed flat on his back at Ron's feet. Supposedly the owner of century martial arts co has video of it? What does it mean? It means that Ron Tripp is a serious grappler with great skills. It means that Rickson lost to Ron Tripp under the rules of Sambo and kneew the rules before hand having already done sambo many times before so no excuse.
However, it would not really be a big deal except that Rickson continues in his newsletters, articlea and web site to say he is undefeadted in EVERYTHING including sambo and ths is n't true Again, you miss the point, it is NOT the throw. It is the position you end up in. In a match, Ron did not stomp him or shoot him! So Rickson got up and no big deal. In the street, he was in a terrible position. NOT because he was on his back, but becasue he was on his back with Ron at his head. No guard from this postion well I say that you are absolutely full of shit if you expect me to believe a uchimata is the end all be all of a fight.

Sent by Aaron Thompson - Special thank's to Thomas Mitchel

Magapi meets Rei Zulú

For those who like this kind of history, let’s go. I was on my vactations during the October of 1997, in São Luis-MA (on the North of Brazil). Then I asked a cousin of mine if he knew Zulú. He knew what i was talking about but since he wasn’t a fight fan he couldn’t give me more details about Ricksson’s toughest opponent. So, two days latter he met me saying:’’Magapi I just saw an advice on the João Paulo (Neighborhood) calling the people to see the weekly "Tarracá Vale-Tudo" and it says that Rei Zulú will fight’’. After this I got knwowing that there was fights at this palce on every weekend. But then I told to my cousin that Zulú should have been already retired. I argued saying that it was almost impossible since on my counts Zulú should have more than 50 years. Even with that, I went to the show convinced that I would see a son of him fight or anyone using Zulú’s name. It was a Saturday, the palce was very dark, I payed R$5,00 (U$2,00) for the ticket, and 6 fights were schedulled for the show. The firts five fights had a lot of action with each fight during at least 3 minutes. So, finally the challenger was announced. His name was Chico Carro-Velho, natural from Amazonas. Before the ring announcer (José Raimundo, Moto-Clube de Soccer Football ex-president) call his name, suddenly that legendary, historic guy appeared on his way to the ring. Fuck!!! That’s the man!!!, holy shit I can’t believe. So my cousin replied me:’’Didn’t I tell you??? That’s the man, Magapi!!! ’’So, then the man entered on the ring (a very poorly one) and the local crowd went nuts with his presence. The announcer only said the fighter’s names and from where they came from. Firstly the ring announce introduced Chico Carro-Velho. And the Zulu was announced. Since this momment, I started to remind his second fight against Rickson because he started to made his traditional jokes, which were his trade mark, and the crowd went crazy., and Zulú seemed to enjoyed it. Then the fight started and damn, Zulú continued to made his joke and Chico Carro-Velho got pissed with that. Then he tried to clinch Zulú who avoided it pushing him. Then both fighters studied each other for few seconds until Zulú throw a bomb (à la Vovchanchin) and knocked his opponet out, putting him to sleep.What a ‘’porrada’’’(bomb)!!!! I’ll still remeber it even with more than 50 years old. So, Zulú went for the crowd making his jokes and teeling: ’’Here, I’m still the King!!!’’.And repeated it again, again and again...King Zulú!!!

Finiseh the bout and using my skills, I found a way to talk with Zulú:

Magapi: Zulú, I’m Magapi from Rio de Janeiro, could you tell me how is your training routine?

Zulú: I lift ‘’carroças’’(Is a very common way of transport on some poor regions from the North of Brazil), I carry big wheels, run trough the trees na push against the wall.

Magapi: Do you push against the wall?

Zulú: My father created my trainig routine. Try to push against the wall during 20 minutes, then tell me how it is.

Magapi:What’s your age?

Zulú: I am 49 years old.

Magapi: Dou you will still fighting?

Zulú: I’ll only stop, when I die.

Magapi: Ok, hug´s.

Zulú: For you too.

Special thank's to Bro Hymn

Marco Ruas x Pinduka - 1983 - Little Maracanã

This fight happened in 1983 on the Little Marcanã Gymnasium, on na event promoted by Róbson Gracie. Marcelo Behring, Rei Zulú, Eugênio Tadeu among others fought at this event too. So the fight started with a lot of action, with Pindukia throwing some weird front kicks, trying to hit Ruas abdomen. Then, he tried to clinh Ruas, who avoided it and started to land some big punches on Pinduka’s head. Pinduka got a lot of punishment until close the distance, and took Ruas down. But Ruas had already some ground experience and was able to put Pinduka on his guard, and starde to land some big elbows on Pinduka’s head (à la Rutten vs Randlemann). So, Pinduka imediatelly tried to pass Ruas guard, and was able to got the side mount position. At this moment, the fight had a lack of action, except for some Pindukas punches on Ruas ribs and some head-butts with no effect. Suddenly, Ruas was able to put Pinduka again on his guard. At this moment, both fighters exchanged some punches, Ruas from the bottom and Pinduka from the top position. So, Pinduka took advantage from a Ruas mistake, and was able to repass the guard, but after there weren’t too much action from both parts. So, the fight refree (Hélio Vígio,a police officer) decided to stand up the fights and restart the bout. And that was exactly what Pinduka didn’t want at this momment of the fight. So Marco Ruas started to land big punches on Pinduka’s head, who tried to respond with his unefficacious front-kicks. So Pinduka again went from a take-down, but Ruas was able to avoid it, and took Pinduka to the ground. Unfortunately Ruas couldn’t do anything because Piduka escaped through the rings ropes.So the referee was oblgated to restart the fight again. And this was the worst momment on the fight for na apparently gassed Pinduka. Then Ruas started a punches sequency which almost knocked Pinduka down Marco seemed a smashing machine, punchin Pinduka’s head in all imagine ways, but Pinduka was able to put Ruas against the corner, and took the fight to the ground, inside of Ruas guard. Then Ruas just kept defendim himself using his guard. Then Marco Ruas put a hook, probably lookig for a sweep, and Pinduka took advantage of his movement and was able to got the half guard.From thisi position,Pinduka landed some punches against Marco,who was just worried to defend himself until the end of the first round.

The second round starts,and now both fighters were visible tired, but Ruas throw some jabs, until Pinduka close the distance and took the fight to the ground. Then the scene repeated: Pinduka throwing some uneffective punches. Then Ruas started to land big elbows from the guard against Pinduka’s head. Pinduka tries to react,and in a last effort passes Ruas guard and throw two good punches on Marco Ruas face, but the time is over, and since there isn’t judges decision the fight was called a draw. "It was first fight on na unknow event where i fought against the Gracie Family. I had 23 years old, 78kg (171 Lbs), and fought a heavier and much experienced opponent, a jiu-jitsu balck-belt. The referee ,Hélio Vígio, was against me. That’s why I consider this draw a vicrtory for me’’ (Ruas declaration to "O Lutador magazine in December of 1996)’’. The crowd starts to get nuts, because now it’s time to Marcelo Behring vs Flávio Molina fight, but this is another history.....

Special thank's to Bro Hymn

Rickson Gracie vs Mark Schultz - (closed challenge)

Around 1994 Rickson went to the University of Utah wrestling club and tapped every one there. Then Mark Shultz wanted to go (he had put in some mat time with Pedro Sauer for a couple months before hand). They went at it for around 30-45 minutes. Shultz is said to have mounted Rickson a couple of times and held him in the "cradle" (a wrestling move) for around 20 minutes. Shultz eventually tired and let go and Rickson quickly tapped him out with a triangle choke, and soon after the first submission Shultz was tired and Rickson caught him three more times. When asked about it, Tom Erickson says: "No he did not submit Rickson, and yes Rickson submitted him. In the same token Mark took Rickson down and Rickson could not take Mark down. The whole point was it was a workout for Mark, he wanted to learn something so he rolled with Rickson no big deal." Pedro Sauer had this to say: "I was at the BYU wrestling mat when Rickson train with Marl Schults and the train took aprox. 30 min., Mark stay in Rickson guard for most of the time and when Mark was just holding in the guard Rickson just relax every time they change positions Rickson was able to go and take Mark's back couple times and the train was over and one time Rickson got a triangle and Mark was so impress that he start train Jiu-Jitsu a week after that. Note that Mark did not know anything about submission that why the train went for that amount of time, Mark was just trying hold for maybe 90% of the time."

Special thank's to Thomas Mitchel

Rickson Gracie vs Sérgio Penha (the ultimate jiu-jitsu battle)

The story of "RICKSON vs SERGIO": Sergio at the time had 03 years of training, of course he trained 05 hours a day, 6 days a week, and Helio Gracie heard a lot about him because a lot of "FAMOUS" fighters, at the time, went to Oswaldo Alves school just to test Sergio and all of them, black belts, were tapping to a purple belt. So one day Mr. Helio Gracie called Oswaldo Alves and told him to give Sergio the black belt, Sergio was a purple belt at that time, in order to Sergio fight Rickson. So Oswaldo gave Sergio the black belt and both were ready to fight. In that time we did not have as many bjj tournments as we do today and they postponed that fight about 03 times. One week before the fight Sergio broke his ribs during training but did not want to postpone it again, we heard stories that Rickson was sick so if that is true they were even. When the day came Sergio fought Rickson in a semi-final and was beating Rickson by (18 x 02) in todays point system but his goal was submit Rickson and not win by points, big mistake, Rickson is a very dangerous and skilled fighter. They stop the fight for about 10 minutes, don't remember the reason, and this gave Rickson enough time to recover because he was dead. With 40 seconds to go Rickson hits Sergio's broken ribs, by accident, and Sergio lost the focus, then Rickson swep, mount and choked him in less than 05 seconds. The crowd went crazy with the most beatifull BJJ fight of all times.

Special thank's to "LV BJJ Club"

Muhammed Ali vs Antonio Inoki (roun by round)

Match Progress

1R - At the bell, Inoki slided into Ali's legs. Ali stepped back to dodge. Inoki tried again but missed it. Inoki continued to stay on the ground to throw more kicks into Ali's legs. At 2'55", Inoki gave a clean hit with his right leg into Ali's left leg. Inoki was standing only for 14 seconds.


2R - Inoki kept throwing low kick from a claunching style then laying down on the ground with Ali keeps dodging by stepping back. At 2'15", Inoki misses a drop kick. This was a foul, and Inoki was given a warning. Inoki was standing only for 67seconds with neither man having a effective hit.


3R - Inoki sit up and kept trying to kick. After the first minute, Inoki again started throwing kicks by laying down. A wound started appearing on Ali's left knee. Inoki was standing for 38 seconds.


4R - Inoki throws high kicks from standing position into lower position. After laying down, Inoki kept throwing low kicks and pushed Ali into the corner. Ali held the top ropes to avoid the kicks. The referee breaks. This happened twice. Inoki was standing for 79 seconds.


5R - at 53sec, Inoki's sliding low kick hit Ali, who fell down from the knee. Inoki gave several more low kicks and was advancing in this round. Inoki was standing for 75 seconds.


6R - At 1'02", Ali loses balance with Inoki's low kick. Inoki, laying down, keeps using his left leg to hook Ali's legs. Ali catches Inoki's leg, and both men fell down for the first ground positions. Inoki tried to lock Ali's left ankle. Ali resists and catches the rope. Then, Inoki hit Ali's face with his right elbow. Since this was a foul, Ali's side started making a big noise. Inoki, standing for 65seconds in this round, lost 1 point for foul.


7R - Ali starts showing light jabs for the first time in this match. Inoki gave sliding low kick, which put Ali on the ground from hip. Inoki was standing for 95 seconds, longer than half of the round.


8R - Before the round started, Ali's side complains and requested Inoki to tape the toe parts of his ring shoes. Seems to be meaningless request. Again, Inoki slides into legs of Ali, who continues to dodge. Inoki was standing for 76 seconds and lost another point for low blow.


9R - Between 0'33" and 1'36", Inoki was fighting in standing position for longer than a minute. He seemed to throw three effective low kicks with right legs.


10R - Because of Inoki's low kicks, Ali's left knee started looking purple and swelling. Ali gave a left jab into the left part of Inoki's head for the first time, but it was not effective. Inoki showed a tackle for the first time and made Ali be in panic. Inoki was standing for 73 seconds.


11R - Inoki again started giving sliding kicks. Ali tried to catch and pull the leg. At 2'55", when Inoki tried to slide into Ali's leg, Ali gave a left straight which missed and hit Inoki's right shoulder. Inoki was standing for 89 seconds.


12R - Ali, who was in defending position, Inoki kept throwing low kicks without hesitation. 10 clean hits were made to Ali's leg. Inoki was standing for 101 seconds.


13R - Inoki changed his strategy and stared tackling from standing position. Ali, for the first time in this match, gave a clean left jab into Inoki's face. Inoki lost another point for suppsedly kicking a vital part.


14R - Inoki was standing for 2minutes and 43seconds and also showed a left straight. However, both men were in standstill with no effective moves.


15R - Both men are keeping a same distance and unable to give any offense. Inoki tries to throw several low kicks while Ali tries jabs, but with no effective hit, the bell was rang. Inoki was standing for 126 seconds.

Special thank's to Inoki's website

Wallid Ismail against Ralph, Renzo and Royce Gracie

Wallid vs The Gracie Family:

A short version of the victories by Wallid Ismael over Ralph, Renzo and Royce Gracie.

Wallid vs. Ralph: It happened at the Rio Sport Center Cup, about 8 years ago when they were both brown belts. The match was 2-0 for Wallid, due to a guard pass (worth 2 points at the time.) In a political decision, many felt that Ralph should have gotten 2 points for a takedown. At the time, Wallid was 5 Kg (11 pounds) heavier than Ralph.

Wallid vs. Renzo: This happened in 1993, in Flamengo’s gym. If I am not mistaken, Wallid won 6-0, scoring on three guard passes. Wallid weighed 5 Kg (11 pounds) more than Renzo and used a gi with an extremely thick collar, that prevented Renzo from choking him (he couldn’t bring his hands together.) Renzo took Wallid’s back several times, who only had to worry about defending the hooks because he knew it would be impossible to choke him. Renzo didn’t score, because he thought that he was going to finish Wallid. The fight lasted an hour, and it was a tie up until the last 30 minutes. After this fight, Renzo tried to get revenge on Wallid many times, entering every tournament, but Wallid did not sign up for any of them.

Wallid vs. Royce: The setting was the beach paradise of Copacabana, on a hot night in December 1998. The battle was highly anticipated, as there had not been a no-time-limit match of this scale in a long time; the judge was the eternal delegate Hélio Vígio. To the surprise of many, the match ended much earlier than anticipated, when Wallid, visibly better prepared than Royce, capitalized on a mistake by Royce and applied a choke known as a "clock choke" just 5 minutes into the bout. The warrior spirit of Royce would not allow him to give up, and it was a while before the judge realized that there was no reaction by Royce, resulting in the unforgettable unconsciousness of Royce.

Especial thank's to Hans "Mestregruber"Thompson

Carlson Gracie in action

Carlson fought a total of eighteen Vale-Tudo fights. There was one time in Bahia (North Brazil) against Euclides Pereira, and the referees decided to give Pereira the victory. Carlson doesn't think he had lost. 4 He also fought a Brazilian champion, Passarito, who trained in Judo, Luta Livre, and Boxing. Carlson fought Passarito four times. Carlson won 3 and drew once with Passarito. Carlson's hardest acknowledged fight was against Ivan Gomes. He described Gomes as a "monster." This extremely tough fight had three-ten minute rounds, and would only stop if a fighter fell out of the ring. Gomes weighed in at 98 Kg (215 lbs), and Carlson was 73Kg (160 lbs). But Carlson was in really good shape, if it wasn't for that, he stated that he would have lost. Afterwards, Gomes became Carlson's student and became "world champion" in Carlson's words. 6 Carlson reigned during the 1960s, and he is considered by Fabio Gurgel as one of the four champions of the Gracie clan.

The rivalry between Ryan Gracie and Jorge Macaco Patino - Part 1

When Jorge Macaco Patino entered the FPJJ, (Jiu-Jitsu Federation from São Paulo) he announced that the skirmish was about to start "the fight". Ryan got pissed off, but was chastised by his uncle Carlos Gracie Jr, saying that it was no good, a Gracie getting punked out in front of almost all the other professors. Carlos Gracie Jr. said they would have to fight, then Ryan grabbed Fábio Gurgel asking for him to separate them. His uncle was perplexed, not believing what he saw. After they were separated, Macaco went into the street and began calling Ryan out to continue the fight. Ryan didn't come out, to the despair of his uncle, who ordered him to go out and continue the fight. Macaco then started destroying Ryan's motorcycle, to get him to come out, but nothing could make Ryan come out of FPJJ, all he did was cry out from behind his uncle, "Please, not the bike, it has nothing to do with this!"

Special thank's to Hans "Mestregruber" Thompson

The rivalry between Ryan Gracie and Jorge Macaco Patino - Part 2

This time the locale of the "fight" was the area called Itaim in São Paulo. Once again the two met and after many compliments to the mothers of each, one of them ate a nice shot. However, this time Ryan gave it. Soon after that the fight started: Ryan performed "Bahiana" (double-leg) on Macaco and landed in the "100 Kilos" position (side position.) From there Ryan was landing little shots without much effect and Macaco was laying there practically without reaction, when suddenly a third "fighter" appeared: Hulligan, a pitbull. He got between them two and caused tremendous confusion, then Ryan used this to his advantage. He started raining blows on Macaco, who also tried throwing some shots, but didn't really land anything. They managed to take the dog off of the two fighters, and the fight continued. Ryan strangely gassed soon after, and he moved away from Macaco saying "It's ok, it's ok." It was now one for each side, but destiny still placed them face to face many times later.

Special thank's to Hans "Mestregruber" Thompson

Hélio Gracie vs. Manuel Rufino (street fight - 1937)

In 1932 when Helio Gracie and his Brothers started to build their reputation as national Heros in Brazil, a wave of opposition naturally started to grow. In one specific incident, Manuel Rufino Santos who was a gymnastics teacher and a wrestler went to a popular newspaper in Rio and declared that the Gracie Brothers were a farce and not the Jiu-Jitsu experts they claim to be. Helio Gracie was chosen by the family to punish Manuel Rufino Santos for his untruthful statements. To prevent the crowd from interfering with the action, three other brothers went along. Helio caught up with Manual Santos at the entrance of his workout place and after explaining to him why he was going to get beat up, he went to work in front of a crowd of cheering fans. A few minutes later Manual had a broken arm, a few broken ribs and a lot of bruises. He went to the police and lied, using his injuries to accuse all the four brothers of attacking him. After a tremendously controversial court battle that divided the public opinion, the brothers were arrested and condemned to serve two and a half years in jail. Supporters of the Gracie Family launched a nationwide protest demanding a pardon to the Gracie Brothers. The movement explained that anyone of the brothers could have fought much stronger opponents than manual and could have done the job alone. The campaign reached the Brazilian President who himself was an admirer of the Gracie Family. In a historical moment, the chief executive went above the court decision and granted a pardon to the Gracie Brothers. The nation cheered!!!

Special thanks to Gracie Academy website

What do you prefer? Go to the jail or fight against Hélio Gracie?

On one occasion, after a long day of teaching classes, the five brothers locked up their place and went out for the evening. When they returned, a neighbor told them that he saw a person lurking around their house. As they checked the outside of the premises, they noticed a window had been forced open. Alerted by the possibility of an intruder, they cautiously went into the house, searching everywhere. When they were about to give up, somebody thought of checking around the water reservoir, located at the back of the house on the second floor. Bingo!! There he was, hidden out of sight except for the tip of his hat. Once the man was discovered, they had no problem in convincing him to come down. As they questioned his motives for breaking in, he replied "I am looking for a place to sleep." The brothers did not believe his story, and were convinced that his intentions were to rob the house. Eventually the man confessed that he was indeed there to rob the place. As they discussed what to do with him, the man begged and pleaded not to be sent to jail. So they decided to give him a chance, which was either go to jail of pick one of the five brothers to fight. If he won the fight he would be set free. Surprised by that unusual offer and not knowing who he was up against, the man grinned and said, "I would like to fight, and I want that one," as he pointed to Helio Gracie the smallest of the five. They took him over to the mat. The man took a stance and thought he was ready. Shortly after the fight started, Helio took him to the ground and punished him to the point where the man begged to be sent to jail. After that, the brothers felt that the man was punished enough, and decided to set him free.

Special thanks to Gracie Academy website

Hélio Gracie - "The Life-Saver"

When traveling southbound towards Rio on the Atlantic Ocean, Helio Gracie and his brother couldn't see shore. As they enjoyed the sight of the big waves crashing against the side of the ship, they could sense a storm approaching on that gloomy afternoon in mid November 1946 suddenly the screams of "Man overboard!" brought panic throughout the ship. A boat with five sailors was immediately put into the water to rescue him. Those big waves made it difficult for the sailors to reach the man who was approximately 700 feet away. When they finally reached him, they tried pulling the drowning man into the boat. Again the big waves would get in their way by lifting the boat up and bringing the man down, preventing the rescue from happening. After trying for 20 dramatic minutes the captain ordered them back, giving up on the rescue. The man was left to die. At that point, Helio commented to his brother "Why didn't they jump in the water and pull him into the boat?" From behind them a sailor warned: "This is Abrolhos". Without getting an explanation and without realizing that the Abrolhos area held the highest concentration of sharks in the Atlantic Ocean, Helio asked his brother if he wanted to try to save the man. He replied: "I don't think I can do it". Without hesitation Helio said: "I think I can" and immediately stripped to his shorts. As he plunged into the black ocean, the thought of sharks came to mind. Instead of a deep dive he chose to slide on the surface of the water to avoid and sharks. As he swam towards the man, he met the sailors in the rescue boat on their way back to the ship. Helio ordered them to turn around. From the water helio was able to get a good enough grip on the dying man, and with the help of the sailors and the protection of The Creator, Helio put him into the boat, saving the man's life. Besides the big celebration on the ship, he was awarded a Medal of Honor for his act of bravery.

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Rickson & Royler against "Gang members"

There is a place in Rio, in a somewhat rowdy neighborhood where the local kids not only felt they owned the beach, but it was not uncommon for them to gang up and rob the tourists and other passersby. One sunny day the waves were perfect at Pepino Beach and that's where Rickson and Royler decided to go surfing. After a few good waves, the gang members didn't waste any time in challenging Rickson to a fight on the beach. As they came out of the water, and with Rickson being bigger than they thought, they directed their insults to Royler, who is 5'8", 140 lbs. When one of the locals got too close and decided to push Royler, he defended himself, flipping the aggressor to the ground and quickly applying a choke hold. To prevent the other gang members from closing in on them, Rickson started swinging his surfboard above the two fighter's heads. To the surprise of the other twenty-five members of the gang, Royler had their friend foaming at the mouth and about to pass out in a few seconds. With that in mind, they jumped in and broke up the fight. As usual, the person who is being choked thinks it was just a lucky move, so they went at it again. After a few punches Royler repeated the chokehold to everyone's astonishment. While the gang decided what to do next, Rickson and Royler took their boards to the car. At that point they realized that the gang was after them with sticks, rocks and whatever else they could find. As they jumped in the car and took off, debris was flying everywhere. One of the rocks smashed the windshield, sending fragments of glass into Royler's eyes. That was it for the surfing day. It was not the end of the battle though. A few days later, with some other relatives and a couple of policemen to make it official, the Gracie Brothers went back to the same spot without their surfboards. They surrounded the gang members and gave everyone a good beating. The policemen later booked the gang members for assault. Royler is doing fine, surfing at Pepino Beach and has been great ever since.

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Allan Goes vs Frank Shamnrock

Everything began when some wrestlers challenged Allan. A Japanese man called Oitate happened to watched the fight, and afterwards proposed to Allan to fight in a mixed martial arts event in Japan. During this time Allan didn’t speak any English so he got a friend by the name of Franco to translate everything to him and make all the negotiations for the fight. But Franco did not have experience dealing with MMA negotiation, and was unfortunately wronged by the event’s promoters. Turns out that in the day of the fight, the Japanese changed the rules to give Shamrock the advantage. They said that in order for Allan to fight he must wear an ankle and shin protector along with boots. Either way Allan Goes submitted Frank Shamrock a couple times, but the American, in the last moment about to tap out, scaped out of the ring. In the end, Allan was in big trouble because he won a cash prize of US$800.00 but had to pay US$8,000.00 to treat a broken foot. The promoters of the event did not pay Allan’s medical expenses so the Brazilian fighter stayed with prejudice. The result of the fight??? It was ruled a draw.

From Tatame Magazine (Especial thanks to George Lou)

Hélio Gracie vs Fred Ebert - The begin...

(Interview with Hélio Gracie - by Yoshinory Nishi)

Nishi: Then, when is the start of vale tudo?

Helio: It was not something like vale tudo, but the first fight between different styles was in 1932 when I fought with an American wrestling fighter named Fred Ebert when I had 17 years old.. He described himself as a world-class strong fighter.

It seems that Fred Ebert was a fighter who took second place in the 95kg class in the world wrestling championship held in New York in l928. This coincides with the story of Helio who described him as a giant with 98kg, but it turns out to have been nearly 40kg difference in weight between them. Helio's weight was about 60kg.

Nishi: How about the result?

Helio: (with a frown) The fight started at 12:00 at midnight, and fought until 2:00 in the morning. But we were told to stop the fight by the police.

Rorion: The fight lasted 2 hours and 10 minutes. To tell the truth, he was stopped to fight by the doctor then due to the high fever caused by a swelling. Anyway he had to undergo an urgent operation next day of the fight.

Nishi: It sounds...... (breaking off in his speech) .....reckless.......

Helio: I didn't want to be said that I avoided the fight under the pretext of the doctor-stop. That's all. However, I regret that we couldn't get the result.

Nishi: What if Mr. Ebert is in good health and challenged you to do the sequel to the fight now?

Helio: I will do it, of course! (laugh) But he might need some handicap because he was pretty older than me. Hélio Gracie vs Fred Ebert - 1932

Special thanks to Yoshinori Nishi and Carlinhos

Hélio Gracie talking about the fight against Kimura - 1955

Interview with Hélio Gracie by Yoshinori Nishi

"Secret story about the hard fight with Kimura Masahiko"

Nishi: Could you tell me more details about the fight with the master Kimura?

Helio: In the beginning I carefully tried to find a breakthrough, but I was in his control as soon as we stood close to each other. I had no time to even hold or grapple him. What I barely could do was to avoid his perfect throw in such a way that I relaxed the strength of all my body and moved my position a little bit at the moment when Kimura tried to throw me and as a result Kimura lost his balance. I was taken into the ground, and I got choked at first. It was difficult to breathe.. I felt it working enough so I was wondering if I should tap as I promised Carlos......

Nishi: ?

Helio: Well, this is what I've never told anybody before......... It seems I went unconscious while I was thinking about what to do [give up or not]. Naturally all the staff let alone Nishi were surprised to hear that at this moment, but what was more impressive than that was the shocked expression [odoroita hyoujou] on Rorion's face. Helio: If Kimura had continued to choke me, I would have died for sure. But since I didn't give up, Kimura let go of the choke and went into the next technique. Being released from the choke and the pain from the next technique revived me and I continued to fight. Kimura went to his grave without ever knowing the fact that I was finished. If possible, I wish I could have talked about the fight with him and let him know about it.

Nishi: I will tell his wife without fail.

Helio: Thank you. But then, Kimura was strong....... strong and a gentleman. He spoke in my ear in Japanese [good, good] while catching me with arm-lock. I don't understand Japanese at all, but strangely I was encouraged by his voice. It gave me power. (laugh) I was anxious about it, so I asked him later. He said, "I was admiring your heart."

Nishi: Kimura also talked about the fight with Mr. Helio in his book, and says that you had a strong heart.

Helio: Same to him. I think I got the authentic samurai spirit from him. I might have been Japanese in a previous life.

Nishi: By the way, what shall I do with my plan? I was prepared to do a challenge match here aiming at defeating a Gracie, but I touched the heart of the master Kimura in the talk with Mr. Helio. Now I've had one more teacher, Mr.

Helio. Indeed, I must have been Brazilian in a previous life.

Special thanks to Carlinhos and Yoshinori Nishi

Relson Gracie giving a "hard time" to smart guy

We can talk about something that happened during a seminar. When I was done with the moves demostrations, one of the students asked me how I can defend a clinch without a exposure of the neck. With a vast experience in giving seminars, I showed him the move calmly and slowly.But this was not enough for him and claimed that it couldn´t be effective. I could see that the rest of the audience (including the North Caroline State Police) were not seeing this guy´s point: unsastificed with my explanations and ,in some way, disrespecting me in front of the audience questioning the same technic again and again. I´m not afraid of being caught by surprise, I have my principles and my formation ,I´m a Great Master Helio Gracie descendent. I executed the move again, this time with a different attitude, got the double leg hold him inthe air for a moment and slaming him onto the ground.He asked me to stop, repeating "Now I believe,Ok,enough". Being it a friendly open seminar I felt sorry about my decision.

Special thanks to Carlos Gabrielli and Warrior Magazine (Revista Warrior # 03)

Wallid Ismail vs Edson Carvalho - (Wallid's version)

This is the version told by Wallid Ismail, in Tatame Magazine # 4

"( . . . ) I went over Medhi around eight and ten in the morning, and Ricardo and Edson were there. I thought it was strange, because Edson doesn't train in the morning, he trains at night. ( . . . ) Ricardo came to me with a letter that Carlson had sent to Brazil saying that he had recieved an offer to train Marco Ruas, and that the offer was good but Ruas wouldn't train with Carlson because he was wasn't a jiu-jitsu guy. When I was talking and looking at Ricardo, Edson came by my side and threw a hard punch on my face. But the punch didn't land quite right and I as still able to clinch him, and take him down. But he is a strong guy, and struggled, could almost stand up, I locked on his body and took him down again. Then Medhi came quickly and said: "I don't want fighting here", and i was pulled off Edson. They took us out of the gym and Medhi closed the door, and left me in the hallway with Edson and Ricardo. I clinched Edson, and Ricardo was beind me not letting me clinch him, pushing Edson against me. It was when I yelled: "Medhi, Ricardo is helping Edson! It's two against one!" Then Medhi opened the door and said that Ricardo should stay out of it. ( . . . ) Medhi repeated that there shoudn't be any fighting. I thought that he was going to stop the fight, and I let go of Edson, and Medhi closed the door again. It was when Ricardo pushed me, Edson grabbed on my bermudas, and they banged my head against the wall, and I got totaly stunned. I still tried to fight but I had no strenghs left. They took me down, stompped my head, kicked me, Edson came, mounted, hit, kicked my face, stompped my joints. They threw me down the stairs, and hit me a little bit more. That's when they realized that people were running away. Ricardo helped Edson in the beggining, banged my head against the wall. After that it was just Edson, me with no strenghs left, and he hitting me. In the end it was just Edson having his revenge. "Balance: 20 stiches on the head, both eyes crushed, right ear cut, and bruises.

Special thanks to Bernardo

Judô vs Gracie Family - Part 1 - "The Tournament"

When Rickson and Royler started training with the Brazilian Olimpic Team of Judo, to leran the takedown technichs, the Judo athletes believed that they were a pair of pussies for letting them throw at will (they were there to learn not to teach) and found it cool. They fall in the trap of entering the Rio JJ Championship in the EsefxEx at Urca. Against who? Rickson and Rillion (he was more the front line of the Gracies in family matters at that time) who were there at the Judokas weight division willing to fight those who were there to "test that JJ stuff". I don´t remember the details, and even not remember the name of the guy who fought Rillion at the absolute weight division.I only know that he was above the 1,90 mts. and the differences in weight between them was around the 30 kgs.!!! His arrogance was proportional to his physique. Rillion took four of those typical "Judoka vs. newbie" takedowns (I don´t know any names but there was that in wich you throw your adversary over your shoulder). The Guy was doing it so well that Rillions foot pointed to the seiling and fall onto his head.He was heavily thrown to the ground with all the Judoka´s weight on our poor 60 kgs. skinny. All this was done at the border of the dojo to avoid a counter and allowing the Judoka to get out of it and start again from the center on their foot. At those days, because the lack of money (and the reigning mentallity) the dojo finishes were the tatame ends, so every takedown taken by Rillion was onto the hard floor from a 1,90 mts. height. But, after all this bone smashing show Rillion managed to get one of this guy foot after a takedown.There, he twisted his heel to the shit out of him. The guy had to be carried away by his friends. In case the Judoka won, he was going to face Rickson, who inscribed himself in his weight division and in the absolute (in wich no body else entered to let the judo vs. JJ challenge go on).

Special thanks to Carlos Gabrielli

Marcelo Tiger presents "MarkeTiger" to Rickson Gracie

During the encounter with Rickson in Japan, the "rude brawler" Marcelo Tigre (Marcelo Tiger) in brief dialogue, he exposed for the Gracie, their abilities with marketing, or the true "marketigre" (marketiger),

Marcelo Tigre: I have a great idea in my head to promote my academy and to conquer more disciples.

Rickson Gracie: Speak now, what idea?!

Marcelo Tigre: I will print in my t-shirt:


...and in the backs of the same t-shirt i will write:


Special thanks to Marcelo Gorok

Rickson Gracie vs Hayward Nishioka - Judo vs Gracie Family - Part 2

...the tape begins with Rickson and Royler choking several unknown guys and then cuts to Rickson choking Hayward Nishioka. Rickson (ripped, shredded, and buffed) and Hayward (flabby looking and a bit paunchy)restart on stand up. Hayward fakes (or legitimately attempts) a harai-goshi with his right leg but suddenly switches to a foot sweep. Rickson recovers, and they fall with Rickson on top, off the mat. Rickson attempts osoto-gari with right leg, Hayward counters and scores ippon. Hayward attempts an inside hook with right leg, Rickson goes back but turns on his right hip, sweeping Hayward to Rickson's right, using the foot that Hayward had caught as a hook. Hayward doesn't make a noticeable attempt to take a defensible position, Rickson then taps Hayward with a tight arm lock on Hayward's left arm. Rickson grabs Hayward's left leg. Again, this time finishes with armlock. Hayward throws Rickson with uchi-mata, and immediately decides that's enough training with Rickson.

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Rickson Gracie: "Learning to control my breathing"

Here is a story that happened to me when training with Rickson. One of the first times I visited him, we were training in his garage. I think it was in December or January. Afterward, we got talking about breathing exercises. He told me the best way to work on controlling my breathing was to jump into real cold water. Unfortunately, for me, he had a pool in the backyard. Like a willing student, I plunged into this ice cold pool to learn to control my breathing.

There were three things I remember about the incident. First, the water was so cold it was almost unbearable. Second, Rickson had a great laugh at my expense. Third, Rickson jumped into the pool afterwards and showed me how this exercise can enhancing ones breathing and mind control. In everything he has ever shown me with training, he was willing to lead by example. In my book, this is one of the qualities of a good teacher.

Special thanks to Ghesther - MMA Forum

Royce Gracie "The strong neck"

I've got a Royce story. I've hosted a couple of his seminars. At the second one, there were a couple of large men there. I think they were brothers. Royce knows everything that's going on, even if there are 100+ people there. In fact, he knows most people by name by the end of the weekend. These guys were obviously not there to learn. They were there because it was an "event". This was 1995, and they wanted to see Royce Gracie. I had no idea that these guys were causing problems all weekend until Royce put me and my friend Marvin with them for practicing the drills. Royce's method is to practice in slow motion with NO resistance. These guys were resisting everything and trying to make our lives miserable. We were practicing escapes from a guillotine in the guard. Things weren't going well. Usually when a technique isn't working well, there is a small detail that I missed. One of them said, "Well, this obviously doesn't work. We'll just pretend like it does."Royce overheard this and stopped the seminar. Everyone gathered around expecting to learn the next technique. Instead, he gave a lecture on resisting. Then, he had one of the brothers put him in the guillotine (in the guard) and told him to resist Royce's escape. Royce went to the sidemount, got out of the guillotine and put a hard armlock on the guy. It hurt his arm some, and it also had him completely out of breath. Then Royce said, "Let's do it again." The guy was helpless as Royce did exactly the same thing. Then Royce asked the crowd (while staring at the other brother) if there was anyone else that didn't think these techniques really work. There were no takers. The guy with the hurt arm sat at the side for the rest of the seminar, and Royce even took him a bag of ice for his elbow. Royce also explained to me why he did that, and I totally understood. You should have seen the look in his eyes when he was telling me. Very scary. A couple of years later, I saw this guy again at another seminar. He had a blue belt and autographs from Royce, Rorion and Helio on his Gi. He was completely converted. It was very cool.

Special thanks to Bubbamaker - MMA Fórum

Rolls Gracie - "The legend continues fighting"

Back in the 1960s, in Rio de Janeiro, a television show called Heroes of the Ring, featuring vale tudo, or no-holds-barred fighting, was banned by the government for excessive violence. The show, which highlighted the Gracie family, caused a huge negative impact on Brazilian jiu-jitsu when it was cancelled. With the show gone, the Rio media had no reason to write stories about Carlos, Helio, Carlson, and the other Gracie family members. At the same time, judo became an Olympic sport and drew many students away from jiu-jitsu. In addition, karate and kung fu, popularized by American movies, also drew many students away. All of a sudden jiu-jitsu, which had been made so famous by the four Gracie brothers, was no longer on everyone's mind.

Jiu-jitsu needed a champion with great technique, charisma, and leadership to touch and influence the younger generation of martial artists. In Rolls Gracie, jiu-jitsu found just such a leader. The boy with the strange name, raised at 14 Bolivar St., Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro, close to the Roxy Theatre, made a conscious effort to become the banner-carrier of his era. He introduced physical education in his training program along with strikes and techniques from other martial arts. He promoted jiu-jitsu competitions but yet appealed to the mainstream youth by participating in surfing and hang-gliding. He became the leader of hundreds of young people on the south side of Rio.

Not content to take what he was told a face value, he traveled the world looking for wisdom, sharing his style, and competing against sambo fighters on their own turf. Wherever Rolls went, he impressed everybody with his versatility, quickness, and power, Weighing only 160 pounds, he performed powerful jumps, kicks, and punches never before done by a jiu-jitsu fighter.

The son of Carlos, the oldest of the original four famous Gracie brothers, Rolls was actually raised by the youngest brother, Helio. Fittingly, Rolls was the balance point of the Gracie family - a bridge between the old and the new. But at the peak of his power, fame, and popularity, a terrible hang-gliding accident in Visconde de Maua, a small town close to Rio, took him from the jiu-jitsu scene just as quickly as Rolls himself took out an opponent in one of his impressive fights. With his passing, the champion left behind a generation of spiritual orphans.

Special thanks to Gracie Fighter website

Gracie vs Comedian

This one is my favorite. The fight got a lot of publicity in Japan. One particular comedian who had a show on television decided to play a joke related to it. He was a little guy about 130lbs. His plan was to show up at Rickson's school with a sign that read "I want to fight Rickson Gracie". When he showed up at the school, he was meet at the door by Rickson head instructor, Luis Herrida, and Rockson. They had a hidden camera to record the event. Rockson was really little then. However, when the comedian showed up like he was a fighter, Rockson started sizing him up. It was only a matter of time before Rockson started talking shit to him and said that he would have to fight Rockson before he got to his dad. If it were not for Luis, Rockson would have jumped on him. I keep remember Luis trying to calm Rockson down. Rockson loved to fight and adored his father. He really wanted to set the example and be just like his dad. Needless to say, the comedian got out of there before this matter escalated. His stunt almost went terribly wrong.

Oh my arm, Rorion...

Here is a little story I hope some of you enjoy. It shows the mischievous side of one of the Gracies. I had just started BJJ and Rorion had just taught us the first basic arm lock from the mount. While we were rolling Rorion pushed on my chest and intentional exposed his arm. I spun into the armlock and as I started to set the lock Rorion snapped his fingers. His hand was by my ear and he timed it just right. My first thought was I have broken his arm! My second thought was I am dead! I released his arm with an "OH SH## !! " . As I did Rorion rolled right up with a big smile on his face and took the top position and said that is just a trick I do, but I appreciate the concern my friend.

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